A: The Conlon Eye Institute uses only the latest technologies to ensure optimal patient outcomes are achieved. For RLE, the LenSX Femtosecond Laser, and the ORA with VerifEye+ Systems, are combined to produce such results:

LenSX Femtosecond Laser performs surgical maneuvers previously undertaken with hand-held surgical tools. This blade-free laser technology completes corneal incisions, anterior capsulotomy and lens fragmentation with a newfound level of precision, consistently ensuring the best refractive outcomes.

The ORA with VerifEye+ System predicts whether a chosen implant will optimize your refractive outcome. Using this information, Dr. Conlon can adjust the implant as needed. The ORA system guides Dr. Conlon during IOL placement, providing real-time micro-measurements mid-surgery, allowing Dr. Conlon to adjust accordingly.