Visual Acuity Test

This on-screen test will provide an estimate of your current vision. This information can help our team better assess your eye condition.

This test can be done on a computer or smartphone screen. Make sure the brightness level on you your screen is high (set to 100% brightness if using smartphone). Do the test with your glasses/Contacts on.

  • Centre the EYE CHART below on your screen, then set the screen 4 feet (1.2 m) away from your face.
  • Test one eye at a time, covering the other eye with your open hand.
  • Read to the lowest line you can.
  • The blue number on the right of the line is your vision for each eye (e.g. 20/30).

Record the number for each eye (e.g. 20/30) in the Visual Acuity section in your Patient Portal submission. Or, if a Conlon Eye Institute team member requested these numbers, send these numbers back specifying left and right eye measurements.