The ORA™ System

At the Conlon Eye Institute, we offer the best in cataract surgery technology by using the ORA™ System. The ORA™ system uses WaveFront aberrometry, allowing Dr. Conlon to evaluate your refraction real-time, providing a custom cataract surgery experience with precise results.

Cataract Surgery Basics

In surgery, your cataract-clouded natural lens is removed and replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL.) Which IOL is used, and its precise placement, greatly affect your post-surgery vision. This is where the ORA™ with VerifEye+ system comes in.

The ORA™ System FAQ

Q: How Does The ORA™ System Work?

The ORA™ system uses technology referred to as WaveFront aberrometry or intraoperative aberrometry, which allows doctors to evaluate your cornea mid-surgery.

This technology is especially useful for patients who have undergone LASIK surgery, chosen a premium IOL implant, or with an astigmatism. Without the ORA™ system,  predicting cataract surgery outcomes for these patients can be difficult.

If you are interested in cataract surgery using the ORA™ with VerifEye system, please contact us. Our team will walk you through cataract surgery, keeping your individual needs in mind.

Q: What Is The ORA™ With VerifEye+ System?

The ORA™ system allows Dr. Conlon to predict your surgical outcome. Before your cataract surgery,  Dr. Conlon uses the ORA™ to predict the IOL that will provide optimal results. Based on this information, Dr. Conlon makes adjustments to the chosen IOL as needed.

The ORA™ system also provides real-time surgical micro-measurements, by guiding Dr. Conlon during IOL placement, allowing him to make adjustments as he goes. This leads to an optimal outcome, as your surgeon can verify mid-surgery that the IOL is placed properly.

ORA™ greatly increases your likelihood of cataract surgery success and reduces your dependence on glasses and contact lenses.