Freedom from Glasses

74 percent of Canadians required vision correction in 2016. With that number continuing to rise, an increasing portion of Canadians must choose the corrective option best-suited to their lifestyle. Laser eye surgery is a premium solution, optimizing vision for your lifestyle.

True Independence

  • Financial. PRK is a long-term solution, meaning although it requires an initial financial investment, it eliminates the ongoing costs of eyeglasses and contacts for refractive errors.
  • Lifestyle. A busy schedule requires smooth transitions from activity-to-activity. Laser eye surgery eliminates the hassle of contacts or glasses from your routine, whether it be getting ready in the morning, changing for the gym or even driving.
  • Health. Laser eye surgery offers the most effective treatment for your vision. An estimated 85-93 percent of patients who undergo PRK, improve their vision to 20/20 or better. Also, the risk of permanent vision loss is lower with PRK than contact lenses.

Ready to Get out of Glasses?

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Q: What is PRK surgery?

A: Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) is a similar procedure to LASIK, usually performed when a patient is not a LASIK candidate due to a thin, steep or irregularly-shaped cornea. PRK reshapes the cornea’s surface instead of creating a corneal flap. Providing similar vision benefits, LASIK is often the preferred procedure simply due to quicker visual recovery and return to activities, as PRK requires a more extensive recovery.

Q: How safe is PRK?

A: Health Canada recognizes laser eye surgery as an effective treatment for refractive vision errors. Studies suggest that long-term minor complications occur at a rate of 3% to 5%. Potential complications include:

  • Dry eyes
  • Halos/glare
  • Fluctuating vision
  • Ectasia – weakening and bulging of the cornea (rare)
  • Infection (0.050-0.033% chance)
  • Over or under treatment (<2% chance)

Any specific risks for individual cases will be discussed in detail at the complimentary consultation. It is important to highlight pre-existing medical conditions and lifestyle choices during this time, as certain conditions/lifestyles may impact risk levels.

Q: Will it hurt?

A: Undergoing the procedure itself is painless; it does not require general anesthetic, just topical anesthetic eye drops. The PRK procedure is painless, but for a few days afterward, discomfort will emerge as each eye’s surface heals. This pain is managed by a soft “bandage” contact lens and pain relief medication.

Q: What will my recovery look like?

A: People can usually return to work within five to seven days following PRK. Patients can typically drive after their post-operative visit, where their vision will be checked and confirmation provided. A week after surgery, makeup may be worn, but to prevent infection, it is advised to wear only new cosmetics.

Q: Is there a difference in the final outcome between LASIK and PRK?

A: The final visual result is the same with LASIK or PRK; however, the healing time is longer with PRK. With PRK the epithelium regenerates, typically after five days, but it takes a while for the epithelium to smooth out in order to see well. With LASIK 99% of patients can drive within 24 hours after having the procedure. With PRK it is advised not to drive until the contact lenses are removed, which is usually in about five days. It may take two to four months after PRK for your best vision to be obtained.

Q: How much does laser eye surgery cost?

A: At the Conlon Eye Institute, PRK is priced at $2000 per eye. Equalized pricing allows for treatment decisions based on the predicted outcomes for best treatment rather than on price differences.

Q: Can I pay in monthly installments?

A: Laser eye surgery is an investment in your vision, and thus, your overall quality of life. At Conlon Eye Institute, we understand that cost may seem prohibitive; however, we can help make your visual goals meet your budget. We offer financing through Medicard, Canada’s Patient Financing Company. Apply here or by brochure in our office. To meet almost every patient’s budget, plans start out at as little as $70 a month. Our trained staff can also work through the process with you. Enquire today.